May 2020 construction update

Construction Update – Pier 2/3

  • The concrete stairs on eastern side have been demolished. Works are on track to rebuild the new stairs. 
  • Structural timber rectification works have commenced and are proceeding well. 
  • Installation of structural steel has commenced.

Construction Update – Wharf 4/5 

  • Rectification to the wharf sub-structure has been ongoing. 
  • Construction of the internal spaces in each of the tenancy areas is taking shape. Services installations have also been ongoing in all tenancy areas. 
  • The old solar panels have been removed and the existing roof sheeting is being inspected before the new state-of-the-art photovoltaic solar system is installed. 

Upcoming work expected over the next month:

  • Continuing to rebuild the concrete stairs on the eastern side of Pier 2/3.
  • Erecting scaffolding on the external Pier 2/3 facades. 
  • Continuing the timber rectification works and structural steel installations at Pier 2/3. 
  • Commencing works to lift portions of the roof in at Pier 2/3. 
  • Continuing with the rectification for the Wharf 4/5 sub-structure, including erection of temporary steel bracing on the western apron. 
  • Commencing balcony rectification works on the western façade of Wharf 4/5. 
  • Continuing with roof works on Wharf 4/5 before installing new solar panels.
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