Sydney Football Stadium Art Program

The public art that will permanently surround the new Sydney Football Stadium has been revealed. To see a preview of each spectacular artwork please view the program brochure.


Featured artists and artworks include:


Stadium seating: Tony Albert

Concept: Two Worlds Colliding: Water and Land


Sports surface: Dennis Golding

Concept: From here we grow


Meeting place sculpture: Dinni Kunoth Kemarre

Concept: One big mob, all mixed up


Sound sculpture: Tina Havelock Stevens

Concept: The past is the present is the past


Wind screen: Gary Carsley

Concept: D.134 (Xanthorrhoea Arborea)


Video: Carmen Glynn-Braun & Marilyn Russell

Concept: Buri Buri song


All artworks can be seen at any time inside and surrounding the stadium once it becomes operational in August 2022.

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