June 2021 project update

Ancillary works update

Ancillary works have started. This includes the careful dismantling of Willow Grove. This work will follow the approved Relocation Framework and will be overseen by a heritage specialist to ensure Willow Grove is carefully dismantled and safely stored.

Building additions including the rear 1990s glazed courtyard and the auditorium do not form part of the original Willow Grove structure and are not being retained.

Some Frequently Asked Questions have been included below for further information on this work.


Early works update

Demolition of the major structures on the site and the removal of materials is almost complete. Remediation and archaeology is being completed in various locations around the site.


FAQs on Ancillary Works

How will Willow Grove be dismantled?

A detailed deconstruction method is outlined on pages 15 and 16 in the Relocation Framework. It has been informed by engineering and heritage assessments and prepared in consultation with the contractor appointed to carry out the work.

How will you ensure the original heritage fabric can be re-used?

The Willow Grove Relocation Framework and Methodology Plan sets out methodologies to deconstruct and reuse as much existing fabric as possible.

As part of the framework, it is recognised some original fabric will not be reused when Willow Grove is reconstructed. This includes the brickwork mortar and render as well as non-salvageable timber and plaster components.

Where replacement materials are required, detailed sample testing and recording will be carried out to ensure replacement materials are suitable and match the original materials of Willow Grove.

What part of Willow Grove will be retained?

The original 1880s two-storey villa, the Phillip Street front fence including foundations and columns, the single room extension at the western elevation and the raised sandstone garden beds.

All other building additions including the rear 1990s glazed courtyard and the auditorium do not form part of the original Willow Grove structure and are not being retained as part of the retention framework.

As part of the framework we will reuse as much existing fabric as possible for the reconstructed building and landscaped setting. Moveable heritage items within Willow Grove will also be considered for retention.

Will the process be documented?

The deconstruction and relocation of Willow Grove will be carefully and accurately documented as a record of changes to the heritage item and its relationship to context and setting.

Where is Willow Grove being relocated to and how will the site be chosen?

The Willow Grove Relocation Framework and Methodology Plan sets out a site selection process that will ensure that the conservation values of the heritage item are maintained, as far as practicable.

As part of the relocation framework, the new site for Willow Grove must:

  • be located within the Parramatta Local Government Area.
  • allow for an appropriate setting for Willow Grove to accommodate the building, the Phillip Street front fence and landscaped surrounds
  • be set in a publicly accessible location.
  • link to other civic facilities in Parramatta including (but not limited to) institutions, key spaces, parks or libraries.

Desirable attributes for the new site include:

  • views to other local places and streetscapes in Parramatta and the Parramatta River
  • a location near other buildings with similar historical uses to Willow Grove in the Parramatta LGA.

What will Willow Grove be used for in the new location?

An appropriate use will be considered as part of the site short-listing process in consultation with the community and stakeholders. The use must respect the heritage significance of Willow Grove.

What approvals are required for the relocation?

The reconstruction of Willow Grove at the new site and its future uses is expected to require the submission of a Development Application and accompanying assessments to the City of Parramatta Council for planning approval.

What is the consultation process?

The site selection consultation strategy for the relocation of Willow Grove will be based around short-listed sites. The consultation process will provide an overview of each sites’ characteristics as well as opportunities and constraints and will occur over a three-month period

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