Update to the 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy

In 2014, the NSW Premier asked Infrastructure NSW to update the 20-year strategy to guide how proceeds from the Rebuilding NSW initiative could be spent. Our recommendations to the NSW Government were accepted in full. The NSW Government published its response to our recommendations in the Rebuilding NSW – State Infrastructure Strategy 2014.

The update included 30 investment recommendations for infrastructure projects valued at a combined total of $18.9 billion — priorities that target three areas:

  • Global Sydney’s competitiveness

  • population and economic growth in Greater Sydney, including Parramatta and Western Sydney

  • productive regional industries and connected regional communities

View an overview of the 2014 update

View the strategy in full

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View the strategy by section

  1. Introduction (PDF, 500Kb)
  2. The context (PDF, 545Kb)
  3. Urban public transport (PDF, 2.6Mb)
  4. Urban roads (PDF, 1.6Mb)
  5. International gateways (PDF, 3.9Mb)
  6. Regional Transport (PDF, 1.4Mb)
  7. Water (PDF, 1.1Mb)
  8. Education (PDF, 557Kb)
  9. Health (PDF, 545Kb)
  10. Culture, sport and the environment (PDF, 746Kb)
  11. Energy (PDF, 534Kb)
  12. Key themes and opportunities (PDF, 548Kb)
  13. Funding recommendations (PDF, 496Kb)
  14. Expert Reports (PDF, 418Kb)

View the expert reports produced in the development of the State Infrastructure Strategy Update.

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