Port Botany–Sydney Airport Precinct

In 2012, Infrastructure NSW developed and submitted an Infrastructure Strategy Statement for the Port Botany-Sydney Airport precinct. 

The Port Botany-Sydney Airport Precinct is one of Australia's most important international gateways, encompassing the country's largest international airport and second largest container port. 

Over the next 20 years, container freight, air travel and general traffic in and around the precinct is expected to grow significantly, putting more pressure on already congested roads and other infrastructure.

To address the challenges ahead and lay the foundations for sustainable economic growth, Infrastructure NSW developed an Infrastructure Strategy Statement for the precinct.

The strategy aims to enable the NSW Government to evaluate the most effective options and prioritise infrastructure investments, with a focus on:

  • improving public transport
  • alleviating congestion on the road network through demand management
  • investing in addressing key traffic bottlenecks
  • improving the reliability and efficiency of rail freight.

Infrastructure NSW delivered the strategy to the NSW Government in January 2012.

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