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In 2011 the NSW Government established the Restart NSW fund to enable high priority infrastructure projects to be funded and delivered. Infrastructure NSW is responsible for assessing and recommending Restart NSW projects

Projects funded by Restart NSW improve the productivity and competitiveness of NSW across all sectors and include a mixture of regional and metropolitan projects.

As at June 2017, funds deposited into Restart NSW, since 2011, have totalled $29.8 billion. Restart NSW is the vehicle for the delivery of the Rebuilding NSW plan, which is the Government’s 10-year plan to invest $20 billion in new infrastructure funded by the electricity network transactions, Commonwealth Government Asset Recycling Initiative payments, and investment earnings.  These proceeds are first deposited into Restart NSW before being invested into infrastructure projects.

Projects in regional NSW (locations outside Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong) make up 30 per cent of Restart NSW Fund reservations.

Regional programs include both NSW Government agency-led projects and those led by local government.

NSW Government agency-led projects are announced each year in the NSW State Budget. Local government projects are selected following a range of open, competitive expressions of interest processes.

Infrastructure NSW administers Restart NSW funding grants on behalf of the Treasurer.  A sample funding Deed, which is agreed and signed prior to project commencement is located here.

For further information on Restart NSW funding programs please contact Michelle Huntsman, Director Restart NSW on 02 8016 0100 or via email

As at late 2017, there are currently 354 regional local government and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) projects which have received funding under Restart NSW since the first program was announced in 2012. The current Restart NSW regional local government and NGO projects have a funding budget of 839.5 million. For more information on these projects view the latest Restart NSW booklet here.

The regional programs supported by Restart NSW include:

Cobbora Transition Fund

The $20 million Cobbora Transition Fund creates an infrastructure that drives economic growth and productivity in the region.

The fund recognises the impact that land acquisition and other activities associated with the Cobbora Coal Project have had on local communities.

Funding was provided in two ways - $16 million through an expression of interest process, and $1 million allocated directly to each of the four councils in the region.

The projects which were allocated funding under the Cobbora Transition Fund range from health care, roads and transport initiatives, through to tourism, events and recreation, and are spread across the region.

What’s the latest?

The fund has been fully allocated. Construction continues.

Read about the Cobbora Transition Fund projects and their proposed benefits.

Fixing Country Rail

Fixing Country Rail provides funding to rail infrastructure enhancement projects that eliminate connectivity constraints on the NSW regional rail network. It is designed to complement the Fixing Country Roads program to build an efficient freight transport network in regional NSW and reduce the cost to market for businesses.

Projects funded under this program could include sidings, passing loops, the reopening of non-operational sections and network enhancements that allow the use of faster, longer and heavier trains.

What’s the latest?

Applications for the Expression of Interest Fixing Country Rail closed on 14 July 2017.

For more information on the Fixing Country Rail program and applications process, visit the Transport for NSW Freight website.

Fixing Country Roads

Fixing Country Roads provides funding to local councils to repair and upgrade roads throughout regional NSW. So far, $210 million has been allocated across 237 projects (including $4.5 million for the Fixing Country Truck Washes program) to improve and build efficient freight transport networks to reduce costs for businesses.

The program helps to fund projects that better connect local and regional roads to state highways and key freight hubs, such as silos, saleyards, rail heads, supermarket distribution centres, industrial parks and depots.

What’s the latest?

A new funding round for Fixing Country Roads opened in January 2018. The application process for Fixing Country Roads changed was updated at this time so that applications can be received at any time

For more information on the Fixing Country Roads program and applications process, visit the Transport for NSW Freight website.

Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund

In 2011 the NSW Government established the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund (HIIF) to enhance infrastructure in the Hunter Region and support economic growth.

The Government allocated $350 million to the Fund over four years, commencing in the 2011-12 financial year. The Government added a further $100 million through the 2014 State Budget.

For more information about the program, visit Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund.

What’s the latest?

The fund has been fully allocated. Construction on some projects continues.

Regional Growth - Environment and Tourism Fund

The $300 million Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) aims to increase tourist visitation by investing in regional environment and tourism infrastructure. It particularly focuses on assets that will grow and further diversify NSW regional economies.

Funding is allocated via an Expressions of Interest process, across a number of rounds.

What’s the latest?

First round applications closed on 20 April 2017. 

For more information about the fund and applications process, visit 


Regional Growth - Economic Activation Fund

In 2017 the NSW Government announced an additional $1.3 billion in regional infrastructure to support growing regional centres, activate local economies and improve services in communities, through the new Regional Growth Fund.

Combined with the $300 million to drive regional tourism through the Regional Growth: Environment and Tourism Fund this brings to $1.6 billion the funding available for regional growth.

The fund includes;

What’s the latest?

More information on these programs and application process is available on the Regional Growth website.

Regional Tourism Infrastructure

The Regional Tourism Infrastructure program funds critical visitor economy infrastructure projects, such as rail trails, airports and cruise terminals. So far, $110 million has been dedicated to improving infrastructure which assists in attracting more visitors to regional NSW and makes it a more attractive place to live and work.

The funding includes $70 million for upgrades to 27 regional airports; boosting their capacity and safety and increasing their ability to attract visitors to regional NSW. 

What’s the latest?

Funding commitments for the 2015/16 projects have been announced. Construction continues. For more information about the Regional Tourism and Infrastructure Fund, visit the Department of Industry website.

Resources for Regions

Resources for Regions aims to address infrastructure constraints in our mining affected communities.

Since 2012, $241 million has been allocated to 44 projects. This includes infrastructure across the health, water, road, education and tourism sectors, as well as investment in CBD renewals to increase the attractiveness of regional NSW as a place to live and do business.

What’s the latest?

On 19 May 2017, the NSW Government announced an additional $50 million for the Resources for Regions program. Expressions of Interest closed on 18 August 2017. 

More information on these programs and application process is available on the Regional Growth website.  

Restart Illawarra

The Illawarra Infrastructure Fund improves infrastructure in the Illawarra, using proceeds from the long-term lease of Port Kembla.

Twelve priority infrastructure projects received funding from the $100 million Restart NSW Illawarra Infrastructure Fund. These projects include aged and healthcare facilities, a technology hub, facilities for people with disabilities, pedestrian and cycle links, road links and tourism infrastructure.

This is in addition to $170 million in Restart NSW funding for the Princes Highway, giving a total of $270 million Restart NSW investment in the Illawarra region.

What’s the latest?

The fund has been fully allocated. Construction on some projects continues.

Safe and Secure Water

Safe and Secure Water is a $1 billion fund securing water supply and sewerage services for NSW regional communities.

This multi-phased program will provide co‑funding to successful applicants such as local councils, water utilities, water corporations and prescribed dam owners for detailed planning and construction activities to install, replace, augment or decommission water and sewerage infrastructure.

Water Security for Regions

Water security has always been a priority for the NSW Government. Previous to the Safe and Secure Water program, Water Security for Regions provided funding to help our regional communities and industries better deal with drier conditions. A total of $366 million was dedicated to projects, including augmenting dams, pipeline and bore works and water efficiency mechanisms.

To view a list of projects funded under this program, visit

What’s the latest?

Expressions of Interest under the Safe and Secure Water Program opened in July 2017. Further information regarding the program and the EOI process will be made available at as it becomes available.

For more information about the Safe and Secure Water Program, visit the website.

Restart NSW Project Funding

Each year, the NSW Government approves metropolitan Restart NSW commitments in its annual budget papers – BP2 Infrastructure Statement. All past budget papers, including Restart NSW commitments, can be found on the NSW Treasury website.

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