NSW Action Plan

The NSW Government Action Plan: a ten point commitment to the construction sector (the ten point commitment), guides government and industry to work more effectively together on shared objectives and goals. It is an action plan for the government to be a ‘best in class’ client for the construction industry. In return, it expects industry to meet the highest standards of integrity, quality, innovation, diversity and inclusiveness.

Launched in 2018 by the Premier of NSW, the ten point commitment covers all government-procured infrastructure and is designed to:

  • Encourage an increase in the “supply side” capacity of the sector to meet future demand.
  • Reduce industry’s costs and “down-time” by making Government procurement processes more efficient.
  • Develop the skills, capability and capacity of the construction industry’s workforce.
  • Encourage culture change and greater diversity in the construction sector and its suppliers.
  • Foster partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive innovation in the NSW construction sector.

The plan was developed with the support and input of industry through the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) and the Civil Contractors Federation NSW (CCF) and is implemented through the Construction Leadership Group.

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